Marital problems or difficulties with your partner

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Are you having marital problems or difficulties with your partner?

Marital problems or difficulties with your partner can be very stressful and affect your quality of life. It is important that you do not remain alone with your feelings and thoughts, but seek professional help if you feel that your relationship is in crisis. Couples therapy can help you understand the causes of your conflicts, improve your communication, and work together to find solutions. Couples therapy is not a sign of weakness, but of courage and responsibility for yourself and your partner.

Then you are exactly right here! By contacting us, you have already taken the first and most difficult step: you have a problem in your relationship and you are aware of it. However, with professional marriage counseling or couples counseling, it is easier to get a relationship back on track than you think.

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Advice from a couple of consultants, this is unique in the southwest. We also specialize in couples counseling/marriage counseling with all your topics.

Relationships last not because partners do everything right, but because they are willing to overcome and work through problems and difficulties together. Everyday stress and a lack of time together as a couple often cause this important process of “talking to each other” to take a back seat and the partners become emotionally distant from each other.

The most common problems in marriage/partnership are:

  • “Constant conflict”
  • “My partner is secretly cheating”
  • “My partner is lying to me”
  • “Different sexual needs”
  • “My partner constantly criticizes me!”
  • “We don’t understand each other (anymore)”
  • “My partner is married to his job”

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In systemic counseling or marriage counseling, our main aim is to provide food for thought and to show a different, new, perhaps even unusual perspective. A direct, open word is often more helpful than a scientific presentation of the facts. It's easy to get upset with your partner, but it's usually more helpful to look after yourself. Often it doesn't take much to deal better with a difficult relationship situation and to change relationship and communication patterns. Since partners raise each other's emotions high in conflicts, a lot is possible with a little more distance, a little slowing down and reflection.

You can come to our couples counseling / marriage counseling as a couple or alone. If you wish, you can also get individual advice from Bernd Nickel and me as a consultant couple

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