Conflicts and crises are part of life

Specialist practice for systemic couples counseling in English

“Couples counseling provides helpful ideas that couples usually cannot come up with on their own. In any case, a separation or divorce would be the more painful path.”

In a relationship there are always challenges that the couple has to overcome together. Whether it is financial difficulties, career changes, family conflicts or personal crises, any situation can lead to tension, dissatisfaction or alienation. How can a couple overcome such conflicts and crises and strengthen the relationship?

One option is to seek professional help. Couples counseling offers a safe space in which the couple can openly discuss their problems, express their feelings and clarify their needs. The couple is accompanied by a neutral and qualified advisor who does not take sides, but rather supports the couple in finding their own solutions.

Couples counseling can have different goals depending on what the couple wants and needs. For example, couples counseling can help

  • Improve communication and clarify misunderstandings
  • To increase the ability to deal with conflict and to argue constructively
  • Deepen bonds and promote closeness
  • Accept differences and emphasize similarities
  • Activate resources and increase satisfaction
  • Decide whether you want to stay together or break up

Couples counseling is not a panacea that will solve all problems. It requires the willingness and commitment of both partners to work on the relationship and engage in a process of change. Couples counseling is also not a substitute for psychotherapy if one or both partners suffer from a mental illness. In this case, individual treatment should be sought.

However, couples counseling is an opportunity to look at the relationship from a new perspective, to receive new impulses and to explore new paths. Conflicts and crises are part of life, but they do not have to mean the end of a relationship. With professional support, a couple can emerge stronger from a difficult situation and rebuild their relationship.

If you are reading this page - and you probably searched for it - then you probably want to make a change in your life. You want something unknown to be different, you want to do something different, or you want to deal with a crisis.

Is that true? Then you've come to the right place. Changes are coming in your life or something has already changed. Successfully coping with this change is not always possible alone. Couples counseling provides helpful suggestions, tips and suggestions - solutions and solutions that couples usually do not come up with themselves.

Our professional, systemically solution-oriented advice opens up ways out of a personal conflict and crisis situation. It helps to understand causes and connections. In individual counseling, couples counseling and family counseling, we provide you with qualified support in developing new perspectives, goals and alternative courses of action. The paradox of change. Changes are not made at the push of a button. You cannot bring it about or force it to happen simply by “wanting” it or by your own will.

However, if you consciously experience how you are and who you are, the most important step has already been taken. During the counseling experience, you will experience and experience your unfavorable life patterns and beliefs. The change that should and will occur afterwards will happen more or less by itself - from you!

That doesn't just sound paradoxical, it is paradoxical. But it works. What does this mean specifically for you and your desire to change and overcome a crisis?

My work is essentially based on the conviction that in most cases a problem has its own solution. Counseling is about discovering and interrupting problem behavior patterns. Discovering and developing new behavior patterns rarely happens in a purely rational and verbal way. Otherwise this would have already happened and consultation would not be necessary. “Experience” is more informative and helpful. The individually correct solutions appear where the usual attention does not work. The counseling experience ®includes various levels of perception - the body, feelings, fantasies, relationships, spatial positions and postures - in the exploration of the situation. Systemic solution-oriented conversations and experiencing behavioral patterns create awareness for new paths. Physical, emotional and rational awareness as well as relationship awareness come together in experience. 

Couples counseling, partner counseling, relationship counseling

Couple counseling, partner counseling, relationship counselingThe term couple counseling, partnership counseling, partner counseling, relationship counseling certainly fits much better into today's world than the term marriage counseling, because hardly anyone will refuse marriage counseling to a couple just because they are not married. However, couples counseling or partner counseling has not yet established itself as a term compared to marriage counseling. The problem with the term couples counseling, partner counseling, relationship counseling - just like with marriage counseling - is the wrong idea that you go to couples counseling or partner counseling, get good advice there and then everything in the partnership/relationship gets better. In successful couples counseling, partnership counseling, partner counseling, relationship counseling and thus also in the couples counseling experience, the partners are actively involved with commitment. Relationship counseling, couples counseling, family counseling, partner counseling, relationship counseling, marriage counseling, sexual counseling. "Man does not see the world as it is, but as he is." (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)