Individual Counseling

Fachpraxis für systemische Paarberatung und systemische Sexualberatung

Individual Counseling in the systemic consulting practice

Get a glimpse of the bigger picture

After browsing through our website you might think of our counseling practice as advisory service for couples and as counseling in love and sexual issues. Thereby we see each client as individual personality with individual problems and questions. Detached from the topics 'love', 'relationship' and 'sexuality' we provide systemic counseling for individuals.

Individual Counseling in questions of Love and Relationship

Frequently it comes from one of the partners to take that important step seeking counseling. In this case individual counseling can accompany you as one part of the relationship along your path to become more content and make difficult decisions in your life. The systemic individual counseling can be crucial and sensible when one of the partners has left the relationship and the other perseveres in the crunch, or wants to regain the partner or is seeking for a new focus in life.
People searching desperately for a companion or have the feeling to always end up with the wrong persons are equally welcome in our systemic counseling practice.

An individual counseling can be called for and can be essential regarding the following topics:

- search for companion

- separating and detaching from a companion (also in case of death)

- seeking a new focus in life during relationship crisis

- attachment disorders and commitment phobia

- lack of future prospects

Individual Counseling in Personal Crisis

Crises in life arrive sudden (death of a loved one or another serious incident) or develop slowly over time. Sometimes life plans fail or sometimes one has lost a related person through unresolved conflict. For many of us it is difficult even as adults to detach ourselves from our parents and want neutral assistance in this process.

- cope with personal crisis

- find new life plans

- master traumatic experiences

- detach from childhood home

Individual Counseling for Heartaches and Loss

We very deliberately have combined these two topics, because the emotions when a loved one leaves can be the same in case of death or leaving because of other reasons. During the counseling sessions such emotions as rage, despair and powerlessness receive specific attention, they are welcome, and are permitted to be felt and thus be overcome.
The goal of counseling is to find an answer to the question: what comes next? We will go this path with you.

Bernd Nickel Systemischer Berater Mitglied im Berufsverband DGSF und VFP

Bernd Nickel

zertifizierter systemischer Paartherapeut, Paarberater, Paarcoach,
Mitglied in den Berufsverbänden DGSF und VFP

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