Relationship Counseling

I offer systemic advice for individuals, couples and families in the southwest of Germany in the Kaiserslautern, Wiesbaden, Heidelberg and Frankfurt region. Grünstadt is centrally and easily accessible from these cities.
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Couple Counseling

Couple Counseling

Relationships have the potential to be a rich source of meaning, safety, and pleasure in our lives.
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Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling

Most people begin therapy because they want to feel better. The good news is that talk therapy is effective for mental health concerns.
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Expat counseling

Expat counseling

Work abroad – love in distress. When physical closeness is lacking in day to day life. Many relationships live on the physical closeness they lovingly bestow on each other daily. Read more.



Two people, one person, many desires, many expectations

Finding your way back to talking again

My systemic couple counseling addresses couples of all ages, families or single persons. And in every constellation heterosexual or of the same sex. Appreciate love in all it’s facets.

The perfect couple does not exist. Relationships are dynamic, underlie constant change and are continuously coined by life. Hence good things can happen, but also misunderstandings, conflicts and crisis situations occur. The issues of emerging disputes are manifold: different needs, overload in day to day life, illness of a loved one, conflicts within the family or sexual conflicts. Often a reconciliation fails not because lack of will of the couple, but because of lacking communication and misunderstandings.

In this situation the systemic couple counseling can help to overcome the emotional pain with the help of an impartial moderation.

It is never too early – but easily too late

Possible problems

The term couple counseling can be quite problematic – it might generate a wrong picture: going to couple counseling and receiving instant advice of what to do or not to do and the relationship will become better. In fact couple counseling serves to create neutral grounds for talking to thus find a new and loving road to happiness.

Dispute as chance: Approaches within the real life experiencing couple counseling

In the systemic couple counseling I provide support to view crisis, conflicts and problems not as the beginning of the end, but as a chance to a new beginning. Not every problem automatically is the end of a relationship. Couples deciding to enter  couple counseling do want to have positive changes. This is the best prerequisite to find a common path for the couple. In case of not finding this common denominator the systemic couple counseling will help to find a respectful and mindful separation with possibly new perspectives for the involved.

How can a couple counselor help you to find your way out of crisis?

As an emotional deeply involved person your perception is characterized by  very personal emotions and anxieties. As couple counselor I am neutral and un-biased towards you, your emotions and your problems. There is no looking for guilt or condemning of preceding incidents. 

As a systemic couple counselor I resolutely pursue to be with you on your individual road as a couple to your own happiness.

Bernd Nickel Systemischer Berater Mitglied im Berufsverband DGSF und VFP

Bernd Nickel

zertifizierter systemischer Paartherapeut, Paarberater, Paarcoach,
Mitglied in den Berufsverbänden DGSF und VFP

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