Fachpraxis für systemische Paarberatung und systemische Sexualberatung

Intercultural consulting

Partnership and sexual counseling

Paarberatung Südwest also offers partnership and sexual counseling in English. Intercultural competence is also part of our self-image. Above all we see the ability to openly respond to different kinds of life, to change perspectives and to develop sensitivity for other perspectives.
Language, religion, values, gender differences, social disadvantages, discrimination experiences, loss through migration are taken into account in the consultation.

Topics in the consultation include:

Problems and crises in the partnership
Difficulties in the family
Separation and divorce
Stress, stress
mental problems
migration experiences

 In a multicultural society, people are less likely to assume that their counterparts have the same ideas about the world or represent equal values ​​and attitudes. Also professional systemic counseling and has been committed to ethnic and cultural change.

Since the seventies, the systemic approach has been widespread in the discussion with families and is now used in many counseling centers. In contrast to the previously dominant deep psychological approach, the systemic approach no longer focuses solely on the individual and his problem, but involves the whole family. The interactions of the family members are seen as patterns of disturbed communication, which are the cause of the difficulties of the client. This approach to social work has the great advantage of taking into account the environment and the context in which the client lives. Likewise, the client's autonomy is encouraged because system theory has the basis for the humanistic image of man, which means that man is fundamentally good and an active being who strives towards personal development. Thus systemic family counseling is an aid to self-help.

Intercultural competence

Intercultural competence emerges from the competent handling of cultural diversity and the creation of cooperation in such a diversity. "
Multidimensional approaches, such as systemic family counseling, focus on the current and past living conditions of people, taking into account social circumstances.

The five dimensions:

relational orientation, human nature, person-nature, activity orientation and time orientation,


Bernd Nickel Systemischer Berater Mitglied im Berufsverband DGSF und VFP

Bernd Nickel

zertifizierter systemischer Paartherapeut, Paarberater, Paarcoach,
Mitglied in den Berufsverbänden DGSF und VFP

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