Doris Nickel

Fachpraxis für systemische Paarberatung und systemische Sexualberatung

Doris Nickel- Couple Counsolant

About me

A few words about me before we possibly meet in person, about  my motivation to maybe assisting you along the way through difficulties in your realationship or problems in coping with the new surrounding that is so differnt from home. I was born in 1955, had quite a regular childhood and was supposed to study law to one day have  a better life than my parents..... well, easier said than done – I had manyfold interest, none of which came even close to studying law. So I secretly started working and loved my job in the exhibition and trade show industry very much, all the while going skiing every weekend in winter and enjoy the outdoors in summer. Through skiing in France I met my first husband, an American Officer in the US Armed Forces and went with him to Los Angeles, CA and later to New York where he worked as an instructor at the US Military Academy. As with many couples faced with challenges not really prepared for, we did not make it and separated. The constant in my life was my ‚old’ job in Germany – and through that I developed a deep interest in how people tick – first for marketing reasons and over time it became a genuine interest in people close to my heart. After the end of a 23 year relationship I met my current husband  - a systemic couple counselor in Grünstadt and Carlsberg, Germany – halfway between Heidelberg and Kaiserslautern and only one hour drive from Wiesbaden. Intrigued by him – naturally – and his profession I am joining him now in his practice after retiring from my beloved job in the exhibition industry. I am currently enrolled in training sessions for systemic counseling by Arnold Retzer, a physician, psychotherapist and author of several specialist books in the  field of systemic couple therapy he is one of Germany’s most recognized systemic couple therapists. With this formal training, my own very colorful life experiences, going though heaven, hell and back, my good command of the language, the experience of life in the US Armed Forces in the US and Germany and with the generous support of my wonderful husband I feel well equipped to assisting you in times of difficulties in your relationship,  coping with the adjustment in a country whose language and culture seems similar and yet is different, problems with self-esteem and many other challenges the relationship is faced  with when stationed overseas.

Bernd Nickel Systemischer Berater Mitglied im Berufsverband DGSF und VFP

Bernd Nickel

zertifizierter systemischer Paartherapeut, Paarberater, Paarcoach,
Mitglied in den Berufsverbänden DGSF und VFP

Adresse Grünstadt
Brennofenpfad 6
67269 Grünstadt
Adresse Carlsberg
Am Talhaus 10
67316 Carlsberg
06359/92 97 166
0177/28 23 663
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