Couple counseling

Fachpraxis für systemische Paarberatung und systemische Sexualberatung

Couples caught between wish and reality: Systemic Couple Counseling

Wishes and reality in a relationship sometimes diverge quite a bit. Although both want to have a harmonic life together, reality often does look very different. A system couple counseling can help, when:
Your relationship  suffers from misunderstandings
Both have different sexual needs
Frequent criticizing
Everyday life is marked by disputes

At the beginning of the systemic couple counseling the following question always comes up: Are we (still) a good match? Or 'do we have a future as a couple'?
As your systemic couple counselor I will render the answer: you have every chance.

A couple consists of two people belonging together somehow or other, who share problems and pleasure, who have any similarities. (Arnold Retzer)

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Relationship without marriage certificate: it takes more than falling in love

You certainly know that a marriage certificate does not guarantee a fulfilling relationship. Maybe you very consciously have decided against it or have not even thought about marriage. In my practice for systemic couple couseling I often find that couples without the marriage certificate or without a formal partnership contract react differently to a crisis than married couples. Because of the absent formal cohesion of a marriage certificate  couples with a long-term commitment often react faster to a crises than married couples. The relationship as such is in question much faster. And exactly this can be of benefit, which we do put to use in the systemic couple counseling.
Problems and behavioural patterns have not yet solidified over years. Positive feelings for each other often are more tangible than with married couples, who for a long time suffer more than love. The sooner you look for help with a systemic couple counseling, the more promising a solution to the problems. As couple counselor I assist you within the frame of a systemic couple counseling to recognize challenges and the reasons behind the problems to enable you to react appropriately and overcome the crisis.

Nobody expects from an individual to be happy – but is completely surprised when married, he is not happy (Rainer Maria Rilke 1875-1926, Austrian poet)

Real life experienced couple counseling: active cooperation instead of passive waiting for a solution to appear
Many couples ask about the 'real life experienced couple counseling'. This expression has been selected because of it's association of the couple's active cooperation, versus passive waiting. It is to repell the expectation that you will be handed prefabricated solutions.

Real life experienced couple counseling  and couple therapy means:

Experience in a real life emotional setting, what connects you
Find new avenues for your relationship

As a systemic couple counselor I want to constructively and solution-oriented assist you. The only focus is on your wishes and needs as a couple. You will not be patronized – you decide where you are going and what changes you are willing to take on. Discover your own mental world and that of your companion new, each define their own individual needs and find ways to combine them.
Whatever currently burdens you and your companion – become aware of your objectives, use your own competence and find your very own approach. I am on your side with my experience and expertise.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. (Albert Einstein, 1879-1955)

Bernd Nickel Systemischer Berater Mitglied im Berufsverband DGSF und VFP

Bernd Nickel

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