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Work abroad – love in distress

Work abroad – love in distress

when physical closeness is lacking in day to day life

Many relationships live on the physical closeness they lovingly bestow on each other daily. Go to sleep together, wake up with each other, the goodbye kiss taking both into the new work day: all this suddenly is missing and is missing for a longer duration when one of the couple is working abroad - or, as is the case in military life, the active military spouse gets an assignment abroad and the other 'half' stays behind, because of his or her job - a challenge all in itself. Or decides to go along and live in a foreign country with all it's joys and challenges.

No wonder that this situation poses a major challenge for any relationship.

With the aid of the systemic couple counseling we will find a way together to reshaping this new segement in your life to a happy period, for you as a couple and the family.
Working abroad: a goodbye to cherished habits of day to day life.

The house with the neatly kept front yard, two small children playing in it, Dad leaving in the morning returning at night at the same time eyery day. This classic family picture gets a heavy jolt when one is of the two is working abroad, leaving many cherished habits behind. Having dinner with the family, BBQ with neighbors, doing schoolwork with the kids in the afternoon – all that coming to a full-stop when one of the two is working abroad. A big gap is looming – and roles and procedures need to be newly defined and established. The relationship is faced with fundamental matters: will our love sustain over the distance and time? Could we maybe both work abroad? How do we deal with conflicts in our relationship surfacing during the short visits. To go through the project ‘working abroad’ successfully as a couple it does take more than the obvious logistics: the road can be made much easier with the support through professional couple counseling. Disregarding emotional issues beforehand could easily jeopardise the entire project of working abroad.
Where is closeness when being apart?

Professional support for couples, when one is working abroad

As systemic couple counselor I am on your side to ease the imponderabilities before embarking on working abroad. From a very personal view in another time and life I know the manifold challenges facing a relationship in this situation. Whereas there are no prefab lists of what to do how and when, because every couple deals with the working abroad situation individually.

Through sound support conflicts because of alienation and feelings of guilt can pretty much be prevented. Despite geographical distance closeness can be sustained.

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